Opposite Restaurant

  • 1992
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  • Opposite Restaurant
    Snack bar designed for the Great Indoors Awards.

    We were given the assignment to design a snack bar for the Great Indoors Awards by Frame Magazine. 
    In 2009 we were in the middle of a global economic crisis. Therefore the snack bar seemed interesting for a wide clientele: the ones who cut down on spending, but also people who simply enjoy a guilty pleasure. These opposite approaches, pragmatic and indulgent, are combined in our restaurant concept.

    The space is divided in half: playful and bare. We used simple means because in the end the snack bar is all about a very basic experience: comfort food. The packaging is cheap but elegant. It comes in two variations that are identical at first but change when opened. The indulgent version opens in a dramatic way.

    Designed for the Great Indoors Awards with Nichon Glerum, Joeri Reynaart, Lars Alleleijn, Olivia de Gouveia and Steffi Schmidt. Photos by Nichon Glerum and Saara Järvinen.