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  • Losing the gold.
  • Oppilympics:
    Duality, introspection and realitum: 
    A serious exposé.
  • Oppikoppi & The Olympic Games: Euphorically dizzying or brutally jarring. Stamina, endurance, elation & loss in a far off place. Crowds, fans & celebration. Years and years squashed into jarring hours.

    The Journey of a villain & a hero.
    With found objects, actors Ivan Sharpe & Michael ET Smith navigate the landscape.
  • High Jump
  • Discus 
  • Javelin. 
  • wrestle with our demons.
  • Shot put. Many many layers.
  • Hubris 
  • Hammer Throw.
  • Finishing Line somewhere between Sodom & Gamorrah & Paradise.
  • An ending ceremony. 

    In my pursuit to be free, I engage in many layers of self sabotage. I blame an ancient pandora box.

  • Oppikoppi het my van my sinne beroof, maar dit sagkens op die derde dag aan my terug beloof.