• Oppikoppi Portraits
    Photographs of the dusty people
  • Located just outside the dry northern South African town of Northam, a farm called Oppikoppi wakes up annually to make sure that 18 000 music fans destroy themselves properly. Situated in what could possibly be the worst location imaginable to throw a festival (thorns, DUST, dry bush prone to fire and potholes the size of the road), it has become one of the only South African festivals to sell out. A brilliant collection of people breaking free from the ratrace for that one weekend a year when being an animal is OK, and destruction is encouraged. An outlet of such ferocity that people seem quite happy to return to their schedules, ties and day jobs.

    This is a collection of portraits I shot using a (now in tatters) 60 by 60cm softbox off axis, carried by my assistant for the festival, Erin Wulfsohn. All shot within the space of one hour whilst the cursed dust ensured the most beautiful graduated sky.