Skills Made of Douro
  • The Oporto Show in an international event showcasing the latest trends and innovations in the fields of interior design, architecture and product design for the living space, located in Oporto city, Portugal.
    Invited to do a live performance painting the italian Coccolona chair by Scab Design, Royal Studio and Xesta Studio joined forces to create an unique approach to the Oporto's design scene. Inspired by the beautiful Douro river to which the event was located next to, and by our active role in the city's graffiti/street art scene, we have decided to take this project giving both a glimpse of our graphic background and assuming our authorship in an hip-hop related ego-trip. 
    Skills Made of Douro, translated: Skills made of Gold, in a cross-word reference to the river, is the result of the project mixing our Portuguese roots with the sleek italian design, empowering the street as part of an active role in home-decor, and claiming the ego-empowered-authorship that graffiti deserves.
    A unique one-week showcase of innovation and skill.

    Skills made of Douro, Royal Studio & Xesta Studio
  • Royal Studio & Xesta Studio © Oporto 2012 Exhibit at Alfândega do Porto, The Oporto Show
    Oporto, Portugal
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