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  • About the organization
  • OpenThessaloniki is an open database which refers to the city itself. It consists of an open source code which connects information provided by programmers, designers, journalists and public services personnel who co-operate to grant solutions to various problems and improve the actions of local governing and the life of the locals themselves.

    Their range of activities covers the collection of data related to public services, works and statistics aiming to serve the citizens whilst being upgraded continuously from them.

    It is an open community to all kinds of propositions, ideas and collaborations, hoping that their domain will soon be the smile of every well-intended citizen who aims to help his peers.
  • The project
  • The organization opened a logo design competition in which everyone was welcome to join. The project scope given was the following:
  • Titles: Open Thessaloniki, Open,
    Shape: Any shape, as long as it can be outputted in a square image
    Format: Both rasterized and vector formats
    Colors: Four (4) colors maximum
    Pluses: If it shows something that is reminiscent of the city itself (e.g. monuments)
    Keywords: openthessaloniki, openideas, openhelp, opencitizens, openteam, opendata, thessalonikidatasets, opendataset, opengov
  • Pencil Sketches
  • So in the beginning I started with some pencil sketches while I was on the tram (hence the lack of guides) listening to some good music and sipping coffee every now and then...
  • First promos
  • When plenty of those ideas were depicted on the paper, it was time to transfer them on the screen using some digital magic:
  • Final Designs
  • After several designs, I picked 4 of the designs which were the most promising, and finalized them:
  • Competition Results
  • Two out of the four logos took are going to take place in the competition that will last from 1st of December to 15 of December (2013).
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