Open Peak's Atom-Powered Home Media Phone Interface

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  • Open Peak's Media Phone Interface
  • OpenPeak, Inc., the leading provider of VoIP multimedia telephony systems,is selected by Verizon Wireless to serve as the exclusive hardware provider for the new Verizon Hub. An innovative new VoIP multimedia home communications system, the Verizon Hub reinvents the home telephone with touch screen access to voice, data and multimedia content to help busy families stay organized and connected at home and on the go.

    Available now in Verizon Wireless stores and online, the Verizon Hub promises to revolutionize the home phone by providing an all-in-one communications command center that bridges land line and wireless connectivity. The Verizon Hub runs on any broadband connection supplied by Verizon (FiOS Internet or DSL) or any other high-speed service provider.