Oops! Busway Only Campaign

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    Since 2004, the Jakarta City Administration has presented the public transport service known as TransJakarta or Busway to tackle the traffic congestion in Jakarta. This service uses AC buses and bus stops that located on dedicated lines.
    But ironically break through the Busway lane being one form of the most widespread trespass of traffic in Jakarta. Many other drivers who participate using this dedicated lines such as private cars, motorcycles, pedestrian, etc. Triggered by TransJakarta bus scarcity, while the public road was very crowded by the citizen vehicle. 
    Busway become like a path of death for residents and motorists. In 2010 at least 461 accidents occurred on the busway lane. Every day there are two to three accidents on that track. Mostly were caused by OOPS! (The Loyal Trespasser People).
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    "Salah jalur, bisa salah ajal."
    It means wrong way, wrong death.

    Analogize with methaphor the loyal trespasser people that break through the busway lane as stupid as making theirself fall prey to wild animals. Nobody knows when death will come, so why do they have to create their own death?
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