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Logo creation for brutal technical death metal band, Onomasy
Onomasy Logo
Technical Death Metal band logo
Onomasy is a brutal technical death metal band from my town. The members looked for an image that were different from another band logos from this music style, like hard display or incomprehensible writing, which can't hardly be read, but, at the same time, it had the visual impact from a death metal band, according to this music, but legible and technical. I looked for the symmetry all along the logo, based on thickness circumferences and lines, with lengthwise and cross sections, based on circumferences and lines too. Finally, did the most artistic part, using some different textures. The logo was adapted for t-shirts design, to be selling in merchandising.
Black on White Vector Logo 
White on Black Vector Logo
Final Art
T-shirts Logo 
Model with T-shirt