• Only You Pro was designed by Gabriel de Souza in 2013. Only You is hand made, and specially romantic. It was made to brighten your projects, turning everything more beautiful. The special encounter between uppercase letters and lowercase letter is perfect. Only you is unicase, with 888 Glyph’s, and what’s better: it has one special alternative for all letters as uppercase, and that possibilitates an infinity of combinations. 

    Only you is brilliant, gorgeous, and multilingual, it also includes the Cyrillic version! It has more than 200 ligatures, several alternates and Swashs. You can also obtain a no end number of possibilities in your layout - there are several possibilities for starting and finishing writting a word. Do you want some more? You should take a look at Only You Icons with more than 300 options between icons, ribbons and frames that will make your project very attractive and romantic.