One of the Possible Titles

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  • Uno de los Títulos Posibles [One of the Possible Titles]
    graphic novel + script + motions

    This is a "motion graphic novel" born from an audio track launched in the occasion of the exposition "Títulos y Mundos Posibles" in Garaje Lumiére, Madrid, on June 2011. Up to now it was selected in several international film festivals, such as "The Guardians Return" (Enschede, NL), the "X Encuentro Con Ilustradores Profesionales" (Madrid, Spain), "Anfratti - Unconventional Art Fair" (Rome, Italy) and the "CROMAfest" (Mexico City).
    Thanks to Noah Tegra and Fílulas de Cariaconcia for the friendly collaboration.

    The comic is drawn with both hands as I usually do, linking their different way of representation to the functional characteristics of the corresponding cerebral hemispheres. More information about my style at:
    About the subject, this episode deals both with the psychological results of an arm mutilation (the “phantom limb”), and with all the possible reasonings concerning life, love, and finally the mind. The vague title is not random.
  • Here you have the original pages in Italian (native language).
  • The original pages of the comic exposed in Garaje Lumiére, Madrid, on June 2011.
  • The original pictures and corresponding posters.
  • The paper toy of the comic character Mappollo, 16,5 x 21 cm.
  • As the original paintings (50 x 70 cm each one), as the posters (42 x 60 cm), as also the paper toy Mappollo (16,5 x 21 cm) are FOR SALE.
    Send an email at   if interested!