"One Happiness" (invitation)

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  • Two lovely people from different countries, and thus different cultures unite in marriage. The man from the Republic of Cyprus and the woman from the People's Republic of China. The invitation is meant to convey the holy union of marriage through physical & spiritual completeness. The two Chinese Symbols in red, mean "Happiness" and the Greek phrase below in black "μια ευτυχία, χίλιες λύπες σκορπά", loosely translates to "One moment of happiness, erases 1000 moments of sorrow".
    A phrase that is not only an old Greek saying, but also a universal truth.
  •  Almost 400 invitations were made, sealed with red wax by a custom made wax seal stamp bearing the initials of the happy couple // Two colour printing, on bright white cotton laid (450gr) paper.
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