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Book cover & dust jacket design
'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' Book Cover & Dust Jacket Design
University Project
I set out to create a new special edition design for Ken Kesey’s classic book “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest”.
My final design is a cuckoo clock with a twist. The top of the cuckoo clock is ‘Nurse Ratched’ , the head nurse of Oregon Psychiatric Hospital. She is a strong figure in the novel and really controls and manipulates the Psychiatric patients. Chief, the protagonist in the book (who is also one of the Psychiatric patients) believes Nurse Ratched controls time to make the anguish of his every day life prolonged, hence the connection to a clock. Other objects in the book include hypodermic needles, playing cards and barbed wire. These are all included on the clock.
I decided to create the shapes and features of the clock in a sharp, constructivism style, as I see Nurse Ratched as a dictator in the book. I also added an inkblot texture, relating to the Rorschach psychology test. I used minimal colour, to keep it clear and reflecting the colours of a hospital and decided to make a the type in  a label writer style, mirroring the type on patients medical record files.
To make the dust jacket design smoothly run into the book cover design, I decided to continue the cuckoo clock, so that when you slide the dust jacket off the book, the pendants continue on the book cover.
To make the book more special edition I added a selection of free inkblot cards. The inkblots each contain an image that is in the book. For instance one inkblot card looks like a bird, therefore relating with the title of the book. I have also added a relevant quote to the back of the inkblot cards. Furthermore I added a bird bookmark, which quite happily sits at the top of the page.
Front of the dust jacket
Back of the dust jacket
Front of the book cover
Back of the book cover
Front of the dust jacket slid up to reveal the full cuckoo clock design
Back of the dust jacket slid up to reveal the full cuckoo clock design
Dust jacket wings
Spine of the dust jacket
Free special edition Rorschach test cards with related book quote on reverse
Cuckoo bookmark
Dust jacket design (screen version)
Book cover design (screen version)
Book blurb written on one of the dust jacket wings
Author biography written on one of the dust jacket wings
Promotional poster promoting the special edition book, continuing with the theme of illustration on the book
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