One-Eyed Royal

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  • One-Eyed Royal is a brewery that combines poker with beer. With a different card adhered to each bottle, consumers collect and enter codes online to redeem prizes. The company provides a free mobile app that allows consumers to input their codes from wherever they are.
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    Each bottle of One-Eyed Royal has a collectible card attached to the front label. When the label is peeled, consumers reveal one of 54 cards with a unique code. Entering this code online helps keep track of collections that, when complete, can be submitted in exchange for rewards without the need to mail in any labels.
  • Website
    Logging in to a user collection allows customers to view their collections and collect their prizes.
  • Mobile App
    The One-Eyed Royal mobile app provides users access to their collections from any location.
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    The following are examples of prizes won by turning in collections.