Once upon a time.

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  • You killed me.
    And truth is, I can't thank you enough for ending me - just like I wanted, when I wanted. I told you
    my days were numbed. To that you replied that I would always be a waiting stone by the road we had once traveled together. That childish brain of yours never did realize that the road had ended long ago and I was no more a waiting stone. In fact, I was never a stone but a human being suspended by time; a human being whose heart you've put a stake through
    and pretended not to believe that it was your doing.
  • Hanging legs, my resting legs
    `eyes looking far outside
    of inside;
    my head caressing one thought after another
    and I am cold. Shivering.
    But I am not seeking
    sympathy of any.
    Excuse me,
    this is my own war.
  • I don't know if I have reached you.
    I still don't know if I ever want to do that.
    Say if I want, would you too?
    Try to reach me through?
  • I watch them passing by, closely. 
    just like a strange stranger on subway. 

  • You had put a stake through me, made a hole inside out of my body.
    You saw me leaking a drop by drop. But that was all, once upon a time.
    Once upon a time.