Street Calligraphy
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hand drawn letters on the streets
Street Calligraphy
Here you can see some of my alphabet works on the streets I`ve done last year. Most of the works are made with different kinds of permanent markers, brushes and spraycans. 
Bon apetit
Commission work I`ve done with my good friend FARS for a small french bakery in the centrum of Sofia. We had to transform these electrical boxes, and we decided to make ovens out of them, and to bake some croissants.
 I made all the letters and he made the baker and the rest. The top sign says Bon Apetit and it`s made out of the names of different french meals and words. The rest tells a story of a baker who get up early in the morning to make one, two, three, four... and so - ten croissants, and then ten muffins, and then ten baquettes and then ten..... 
Born in the streets
 Together with my crew "140 Ideas" we participated in this street exhibition, part of the Sofia Design Week festival. All the electrical boxes of Shishman street were given to different artist, so they can transform them into what they want. We decided to work on the theme "Born in the streets" and here you can see the results. My part are the letters with black Calligraffiti marker, which I love probably most than every other tool for creating letters.

'Forever Toys, Forever Young' - here Jermain made the baby and Teleto made the bird, the letters for 'Life is not a game-boy' are also from me
'Kids on the street' - Yeto made the boy, Jermain the dog and the rest is from me and Teleto. Here is really hard to make a good front photo, because everytime there is a car or something on the street.
This one says 'Born in the street' in Bulgarian, and it`s made out of different objects that belongs to the streets like pigeon, rat, dog, curb, fence etc.. Yeto made the pigeon which flies out of the box.
Yeto in action
This two walls are made in loving memory of my close friend Madlena. She got hit by a truck while riding her bicycle. I promised her to make a big wall with her name, and it`s too bad that I have to do it with this occasion.
 The first wall is together with Jermain, he made the portrait of her and I wrote 'High in the clouds, deep in our hearts' because this is where she always will be.
The second one I made by myself one year after the incident. The text in the wing is from her favorite song 'Sigh' 

Creatures from Black Sea
This one is again with '140 Ideas', wall we made during the Sprite Graffiti Jam `11 in Varna city, Bulgaria. The theme was 'Creatures from Black Sea' and we decided to make this strange freak, we called 'The King of Black Sea'. I worked on the Fish-hand, Jermain made the head and the body, Yeto made the water-boat that floats around him and our close friend Iskren Semkov made the really nice polaroid on top of it. The wall starts 4 or 5 meters above the ground, and it was really nice time doing it, except the last day when it rains for the whole day and I had to do the letters, so that`s why they are so drippy. But I kinda more like them like this.
Here is one big box of pizza, where I tested the letters I made on the wall after a quick snack. Cheers!
 This is a very quick wall I made in the city of Den Haag, Netherlands. The stork is the symbol of Den Haag and I had some leftovers and free time in this rainy day. It took me no more than two hours on the one of the three or four legal places in the city.