"On the Wings of a Tale" Children's Book Illustrations

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  • On the Wings of a Tale
    على جناحي حكاية

    The book is a compilation of 25 Illustrated stories from around the world, gathered from childhood memories and tales told to us by our parents and grandparents.

    All profits from the book go to charity, specifically to Al Ain Center for Care and Rehabilitation in the UAE.  The center provides care for children with special needs.

    The book was published in English and Arabic, and was compiled by the Diplomatic Group of Spouses of Ambassadors - Abu Dhabi, in collaboration with Zayed University - Abu Dhabi, Kalima, Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority, and United Printing and Publishing.

    Cover Illustration by David Habchy
    Book Layout & design by Dina Khorchid

    16 Illustrators from the Arab world chose to make their donations through illustrating one or more of the 25 stories. 
    Below are the two stories I illustrated.
  • The Last Cacique
    A Tale from the Dominican Republic
    Illustrated by Ashley Phebe Choukeir

  • Beautiful Fatna
    A Tale from Sudan
    Illustrated by Ashley Phebe Choukeir
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