Olympiques Spéciaux Québec - TV and billboards

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  • Québec Special Olympics Billboard Campaign
  • Context: The Special Olympics movement is active in 170 countries. Its mission is to enrich the lives of individuals with an intellectual disability (ID) through sport. More than 4.2 millions special athletes of all ages are registered worldwide and over 34,000 in Canada, with more than 5,400 taking part in the recreational or competition programs offered throughout Québec. SOQ's network of annual competitions includes 80 events for all skill levels and in each of its 17 official sports.
    Challenge: Promote the event and challenge the public perception toward this event
    Solution: Show these special athlete as true athletes with the very high-end photographic approach that glorify them. The taglines reminds us that for onec in this event they are beeing juged on theur performance and not on their disability.
    Taglines translations:
    On me juge à tous les jeux = I'm beign judged in each game
    J'ai le syndrome du gagant = I have the winner syndrome
    Je suis jugée sur une note de 10 = I'm beign judge on a sclae of 10
    J'ai la victoire dans mes gènes = Winning is in my DNA
    SHOWCASED: Infopresse
  • Client: Olympiques Spéciaux Québec
    Agency: BCP
    CD: Étienne Bastien
    AD: Nicolas Baillargeon
    CW: étienne Bastien
    Photo & retouching: La Cavalrie. Olivier Staub