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  • 'Staro sajmiste' is an old fairground in Belgrade situated near the city center. During the Second World War this area was turned into a labor camp. Because of its tragic historical conotations there have been no interventions on its grounds. Through the years there has been a lot of debate on the subject wether architect should intervene and if it is ethical to tear down the old buildings. However no interventions were made, by that time the fairground is becoming more and more devastated each day. The main hypothesis on the project was to, once again, bring this area to life. So the concept lead to creating a children's museum complex. These old buildings would be filled with new contents, that interest kids of various ages (a theater, science museum, art workshops, an inner playground and a candy shop/cafe), and tied together into a continuous space with a glass strap that penetrates one object and connects it with its neighboring object.
    Since the area has already been covered in foliage (a consequence of no human interaction whatsoever on this ground ) it's decided to take it as the biggest attribute and to promote this jungle-like park, leaving it as a complete wilderness and adding new flora and fauna that can be examined from the glass bridge, and entered only by few boats that can be rented.