Old Fourth Ward

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  • Moving Fourthward
    Redeveloping the historic Old Fourth Ward
    Moving Fourthward: Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward district, birthplace of Martin
    Luther King, Jr. and origin of the Civil Rights Movement, is an area rich with history, pride — and vacant businesses.
    Challenge: Lot vacancies and crime rates are overwhelmingly correlated, sucking taxpayer dollars, decreasing property value, and blemishing the Old Fourth Ward’s reputation.
    Opportunity: Over the past five years, the city of Atlanta has invested considerable funds into reviving this special area, reducing crime and restoring the community’s reputation through housing and park renovations, increased law enforcement, and the opening of unique businesses.
    Objective: We attach a voice and a visual to the city’s efforts, rebranding the area as an emerging part of Atlanta, educating the community on critical issues, and offering select marketing and design services to startup businesses.
  • Brand Book
  • Community Newspaper to explain Moving Fourthward. 

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