Ohio State B.F.A. Senior Show

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  • Dennis Hoffman
    The Ohio State University     2010     Undergraduate B.F.A. Senior Show
    Leo Tolstoy has said, “Art isa human activity which has as its purpose the transmission to others of the highest and best feelings to which men have risen.”  Just as Tolstoy, I absolutely believe that art has, as its purpose, the power to influence man to the highest. 
    I use interactive art as a catalyst to ignite an influence of positivity upon my viewers while still encouraging and progressing creative thought.  I aspire to awaken this certain energy that is inherent in all, through interaction, in order to create a causal network of positive influence in the world.  New media robotics allows me to facilitate an interactive experience comparable to that of human interaction so that I may attempt to transmit to others the highest and best feelings to which men have risen, so then, they may go on and do the same for others.  
  • 2009
    Untitled Self Portrait
    Acrylic on Foam Board/Canvas

    Collected by  

    Ohio Union Art Board in conjunction with Ohio Staters Inc.
    University Art Collection 
  • 2010 
    Acrylic on Foam Board/Wood
    Basic Stamp, Electronic Sensors, and Mechanical Components
    1219.2mm X 609.6mm
  • 2010 
    Acrylic on Foam Board/Wood
    Basic Stamp, Electronic Sensors, and Mechanical Components
    1219.2mm X 609.6mm
  • 2010 
    The Pair  [He & She]
    Acrylic on Foam Board/Wood
    Basic Stamp, Electronic Sensors, and Mechanical Components
    1219.2mm X 609.6mm  each

    The viewer triggers either an infrared senor or an ultrasonic sensor placed on the side of each of these paintings and activates a mechanical movement to give the viewer some sense of interaction and indirect self worth.

    Although The Pair seem to be styled in a way that may appear disturbing and wild; the main intention was to create an obscurity between color with form and an obscurity between form with color, in order to spark a curiosity in any potential viewer in the vicinity.   Once curiosity strikes the viewer, they then cross the threshold of voyeur and activates a specific space of interaction.  Unbeknownst to the viewer, the crazy art pictures on the wall that they may have presumed did nothing, but provided a small aesthetic appeal, now seems to acknowledge the interaction. The Pair begin to react to this sudden interaction and have specific  non-threatening movements that they then perform.  He begins the move his head up and down as s symbol of awareness and listening.  While She drops her lip and flashes a beauty queen smile to show how much she appreciates the attention you just gave her.

  • 2010 
    Paint/Stain on Wood
    609.6mm X 609.6mm
  • 2010 
    Stain on Wood
    609.6mm X 609.6mm

    Now and Then is a diptych conveying, by imagery and process, my individual and personal progress through-out my education from pre-school until my collegiate commencement.  This was a research project investigating the definition of drawing that I later discuss in the piece 43 hours. 

    As an involved student at The Ohio State University and an artist, I wanted to create a piece of art to pay homage to my personal mark making experiences through certain mark making processes.  ...And that was the base idea for this piece.

    In Then, the obscured image is myself in the 1st grade.  The form is there and the overall aesthetics are aligning themselves.  The crooked nature of the image, the lack of clarity, and the organic medium of wood all suggest this notion of a new, natural naivety. The positive area is recessed with the negative areas shaping the form.  Having the image be comprised of the raised knobs suggests how in order to have more clarity there must a refinement of that form.

    In Now, The image has more clarity and details start emerging though the image is still rough by nature.  The form is there, but we notice that the image is the opposite of that in Then.  The form iscomprised of the recessed indentations in the wood.  We also notice a layer of white paint for the dark recessions to contrast.  This white paints suggests the notion of layers and that it is a fixed outer shell, protecting the naturalness of the underneath.  This layer being white also allows for all forthcoming layers to be accepted and lay beautifully atop, if ever applied.  Through-out my years learning and rising through academia, my process and progress, as an individual, have been refined and allowed for more clarity in life.  It provided me a base for me to apply myself effectively to society.
  • 2009 
    43 Hours
    Wood Burned Lines with Stain on Wood
    609.6mm X 1219.2mm 

    In 43 Hours, I began an investigation into discovering what I thought and believed a drawing to be.  
    First I had to be able to personally define the term drawing.  So i set out to discover what exactly a drawing was to me personally and how i would be able to define it and justify it.  After hours of rediculous inner quarrels in my thought, I came to a simple and mildly vague definition.  To me, a drawing is a process by which a mark making experience occurs between media and medium, on any level.  The important thing I learned through this self was "process" and the idea of mark making was a huge component to the overall.

    Sooooo... by defining “drawing” I could begin to tackle this project that loomed with the parameters of 

    "Create a drawing of anything you want however the final 
    result must show an investment of over 40 hours of time." 

    As a conceptual artist that just had a semi-personal artistic breakthrough, this project intrigued me.  I wanted to create a form or a visual that depicted time, or through a relationship time has, in order to "draw time."  I began to think of typical imagery used to show "time” and aside from clocks and hourglasses; I fell short.  I couldn't find a way to show time in a manner that was not that of standard time imagery.  I began to think of some of the relationships time has and with what.

     Time has a relationship with space, distance, organic life, and the idea of the finite and the infinite.  

    I began to think...

    Since some sort of space must exist in order for time to have influence over "things” I decided I will go the route of finding an image that depicted space or an idea of a spatial landscape. I settled on an image of mountains, for their size and their natural organic existence involve a heavy influence of time.  I still wanted to pair up another relationship time had, and involve that in this piece somehow.  I decided on the idea of the finite and the infinite and infusing them somehow.  I broke these ideas down visually into basic shapes and symbolsin order to infuse this relationship in the work.  The line and the circle were the shapes I concluded on; for a line has a beginning/end and the circle is never ending, hence finite and infinite.  

    Now to make these ideas show an investment of 40+hours I individually hand wood burned thin lines down the length of the board,in order to show the relationship with finite time [line]. This process sounds less extensive than it actually was but, one weekend and a total of 32 hours was spent on wood burning these lines.  The next step was to administer this idea of infinite time [circle].  I used a CNC machine to engrave a halftone pattern, which took 11 hours approximately, of the mountains in order to show the relationship with infinite time.  Now I have a contrast between the dark lines and the lightly colored engraved circles.  As of now the process has involved a total of 43 hours.  

    Lastly, by creating a halftone pattern I have constructed a fixed distance to which you should view the image from in order to gain the most clarity of the image.  Finally rounding out the relationship that time has with distance.  

  • 2009 
    Marvel Cube of Inevitable Doom