Oh deer

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  • Oh deer 

  • This is a personal project made by me for a person I love. It concerns a giftcard, my version of a tri-fold if you want. On the cover page of this card Idecided to play on words dear & deer.
    As a result, I illustrated a deer andon the inside of this card I wrote the lyrics of a song I love called “Oh dear”by Brandi Carlile. However, I thought something like that would be too smallfor a gift. I wanted something more personal. So, I decided to buy some sweetchocolates with forest related shapes, just like the deer, (mushrooms,hedgehogs & oak nuts) and carefully wrap up them in beautiful decorativepaper.

    That's all!

  • Card { Front / Inside / Back }
  • Lyrics from the song "Oh Dear" by Brandi Carlile
  • Brandi Carlie - Oh Dear
  • Sweet chocolates { carefully wrapped up in decorative paper }
  • Unwrapped Chocolates
    { Μushrooms, hedgehogs & oak nuts.
    They are all parts of a forest, just like the deer }

  • I thought it could be a sweet little present, that's all!

    Thank you for watching!