Off-grid Creativity

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  • “Off-grid Creativity” is a personal project about the impact of memory, time, space and
    medium on our creative thinking, as it hopes to create awareness of attaining creativity
    balance with the help of these elements and cultivation of individualistic voice with online
    inspirations as supplement. It was initiated with intensive self-reflection by reflecting upon
    issues that have high-level of importance and personal interest. There was a realization of our
    memory being rapidly evolved in this digital age due to our technological connected society
    and environment. Everyone is constantly “online” and connected to the Internet and
    online media such as social media.
    New information can be shared with such ease over the Internet and users are
    constantly consuming them consciously and unconsciously. Do these technologies have any
    effect on their memory and creative mind? Does constantly consuming shared information
    from the Internet hurt their sense of creativity via constantly absorbing common information
    that has been circulating in the cyber world? Social media had become such a common
    platform and online environment for anybody with common personalities to participate. Can
    this phenomenon cause harm to individual identity and causing one to lose his or her
    uniqueness? These are questions are constantly circulating in the brainstorming process and
    will spark a series of research and investigation.
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