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A digital book, in which I tried to illustrate the creative process.
This is apersonal project; I guess every project is personal, in which I wanted to do adigital book illustrating the creating process. But I wanted to look like acomic book or something similar. Also I wanted to try new techniques and otherstypes of works.
All started with this photo. This was my school.
I have donesome retouches to the photo and centered it. Still I didn´t know what I wanted atthis stage, so I let my mind work. And as you will see in the next images theresult is quite different from what I am used to do!
Started to play with brushes. ^__^
I have decided to add some clouds, I guess I use them a lot.
Almost done.
Darkened the image a bit.
The final Concept
After playing with the adjustments, erasing and adding other elements......
The Pages
This is a double spread page, as you can see it has more clouds ;)