Object Oriented – Rafael

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  • Object Oriented – Rafael

    The series Object Oriented is a specially commissioned work created for MINI for the IAA 2011. The hidden music of objects is made perceptible by means of an alchemical transformation which occurs in videomusical time. The resulting rhythms and harmonies allow us to experience our surroundings with a newly heightened appreciation for the audiovisual dynamics of the world around us. Curated by Meiré und Meiré.
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  • Conceived, Directed, Edited and Composed by Gabriel Shalom

    Produced by KS12 and Karen Cifarelli

    Rafael: Tomas Spencer

    Executive Producer: Patrizia Kommerell
    Director of Photography: Carlos Vasquez
    Lighting Assistant: George Steffens
    Styling & Props: Steffa Superheilig – Styling Art
    Hair & Makeup: Fernando Madronero
    Production Assistant: Laurent Hoffmann
    Runner: Mates Al-Fakhri
    Postproduction Audio Engineer: Andrea Conti
    Color Correction: Carlos Vasquez

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    ©2011 Gabriel Shalom