OZMA Identity

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    Rebrand all components of an existing company.

    I created Ozma based off the concept and ideals of Fossil Inc. The goal was to harmoniously marry aspects from the past and the present, while appealing to both males and females of today. Inspiration for the logo was drawn from the movement and variety in vintage packaging.

    The stationery package was inspired by vintage wallpaper and fabric patterns.

    As one of my touchpoints I created retail tags. I designed the tags to portray the essence of the brand without the use of the logo. Therefore, establishing an identifiable look and feel for the company.

    As a second touchpoint, I created Ozma shopping bags. The geometric pattern was inspired by classic fabrics and created from a linocut. The logo on the opposite side reflects the typography and movement seen in packaging from the 40s and 50s. It was also created from a linocut. This technique is fitting for the company, as it is based in the past and immediately conveys the impression of vintage.