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  • Man with their capacity that is in the highest peak of the food chain, destined to hold full power over other beings. Since time immemorial, humans maintain a variety of animals to support their life. Aside from being a source of food, human were functioning  their animals to hunt or keep the property owner or simply kept as pets. It is undeniable that there are emotional ties existing between human and their pets.
    The changing times accompanied by the changes in the pattern of life, making the animal’s natural ability were no longer needed to function optimally as ancient times. Even more so in the big cities. When the owner no longer rely on instinct to hunt animals  or keeping their house safety, the current practical these animals only serve as a mere pet. Not infrequently, the animals were preserved as a symbol of prestige of their owner. Even in some cases, the animals were kept as therapy or helper for the owner. However, whatever the function and usefulness of these pets, emotional bond that exists between human and their animal still exists. And as time goes by, of course, the emotional bond between human and their pets are getting stronger.
    'Our Beloved' is a work that tries to present a form of emotional ties. From various epitaph written on their tombstone, we can see various forms of emotional relationship that has existed between the employer and their pets. A form bonds of affection that transcended borders norms, customs, even though religion.
    *All pictures were taken from Ragunan Pet Cemetery in Jakarta, Indonesia.
    Agan Harahap
  • Atun Sari : Good dog
  • Inna Lillahi wa inna ilaihi Rojiun : Moslem pray for the dead
    Telah Meninggal Anjing Kami Tercinta : Our Beloved Dog Has Died
  • Beristirahatlah sayang : Rest In Peace Dear
  • Anak Mama : Mama's Daughter
    Gelar: Putri Sutra : Titled : Silk Princess
  • Kucing Tersayang : Beloved Cat
  • Some of the visitor at my exhibition in Langgeng Art Space, Yogyakarta. Indonesia