• OPOLE two squares

    Collaborators: Bartlomiej Poteralski, Gabriela Jervis
  • The aim of thecompetition is to revitalise the downtown by giving a new outlook to thesesmall plazas. Through the sun diagram study, the areas with the optimalsunlight have been identified so as to concentrate all the public activities ofthe plazas.

    Hence, the severalaspects of the project (circulation, vegetation, concert area, outdoor bars) wereshaped following these sunny zones.

    Maly Rynek plazashould be the “living room” of the city. Its core is an open-air stage forconcerts surrounded by a sequence of rings for seating, water and green which isolatefrom the city.

    The amphitheatreis created by lifting up the borders of the plaza and makes a few steps to takea seat. This comprehensive concept helps to make an intimate space and makespeople focus on the core of the plaza where music concerts, art exhibitions canbe held.
    The wall, whichseparates the abbey from the site, is designed as a green buffer area
    between public andprivate spaces.

    SwietegoSebastiana Plaza is a negative version of Maly Rynek. Here the green occupiesthe center, and not the perimeter. Moreover, it becomes a place to relax, wherea ring of seats contains the green area without excluding the view on SwietegoSebastiana Church.

    To conclude, suncreates “space for life”, green isolates, water provokes sounds and relax, andtrees projects shadows.