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    Opening Night Success For The Curioos Exhibit
    ///// JANUARY 6-12, 2014  ////  SGDA - SOHO ARTHOUSE 138 Sullivan Street, NYC /////
    Gallery doors opened at 6p.m. to an eager crowd ready to experience amazing digital art from talented artists from around the world. 16 wide LCD screens featuring 100 original art pieces awaited, glowing from the walls to illuminate the entire gallery.
    After opening the first bottle of champagne, hundreds of art fans overtook the gallery to begin a unique adventure exploring the diverse selection of the digital arts showcased.
    Photo manipulation, digital painting, illustration, generative art, and 3D art are just a few of the creation techniques that decorated, and will continue to decorate the walls of the SoHo Gallery until January 12th. Crowds of viewers huddled around each screen, reading about the artists and watching their featured artworks rotate from one HD visual to the next.
    Accompanied by biographies and QR codes linked to artist profiles, each screen offered an intimate look into the creative processes of the featured artists. Throughout the 2-floor gallery, artists and art lovers alike celebrated the quickly evolving digital art movement until the closing of the doors later Monday night.
    For those who couldn’t make it to opening night, the Curioos Exhibition will run until January 12th.
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