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  • Ooh to! Ooh to be! Ooh to be a...
    That's how it sounds (of course with rhymes) One of the chants from Arsenal FC Fans.
    The proud of being a GOONER (Arsenal FC Fans), revealed in this chant.
    And that proud is spilled in this illustration that used for a merchandise tee.
    The heat, the spirit and feel on fire. That's how it feels when we supports the team.
    I am a Gooner.
    And it's ooh to be a Gooner!
  • - The final design -

    At first, the jerseys are still using sponsor, vendor and current Arsenal logo,
    then we took out all of them due to the rights and everything.
    Also there's a changes on the jerseys, we pick current jerseyand old school jerseys
    to represent all Arsenal jerseys from all the time, including the invicible-era one.
  • The first design
    (applying tryout)