• ONE+ONE Lamp - Prototyped
    designed by SquadOne.
  • ONE+ONE is a collection of lamps based on the idea of mixing two different archetypes with different functions in order to create a new typology of object. The two chosen archetypes are a Table Lamp and a Trestle. An object and its context. The end result is a hybrid element that has a new identity inherited from the two of its predecessors. It becomes an object tolight a space, or a piece of furniture to divide a space and to leave some accessories on. This design pretends to have a experimental nature and the materials chosen are: Ceramic porcelain with different glazing techniques, lacquered wood and powder coated steel. The object is made with materials which are finished in the same color to give an effect of silhouette reminding an sculptural element standing in the space.
  • This project was developed in collaboration with CreativeAffairs.