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    Olixor is a transport insurance agency and human lives based in Monterrey, Mexico. Olixor came to us, looking to improve and redesign the corporate image of the company.

    Olixor provides one of the best insurance services in transports and human life in the local region, having high enterprise customers. Which made ​​us see that the design should be high-class and elegance, simplified in minimalist, clean and beautiful design.

    Through an analysis and study to the agency, we decided to start designing a new logo (icon). The icon is inspired by the concept of "protection. The curve lines with circle shape, represent the hands in protection sign. At the center of the icon is a shield with 2 small circles, which represent the two partners of the agency and the human life.
    Once designed the icon, we work on the desgin of the stationery and custom items.

    For colors, we used blue as primary, looking for security (protect)
    and peace concept, blending with gold color, having as result an elegant
    and high design.