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Ceramic project made for two cullinaire chefs, in a project that mixed Gastronomy and Art.
 This piece was inspired by the lightness and formal complexity of a jellyfish species named Ophelia, Turritopsis nutricula, the jellyfish that rejuvenates. Full white with hints of color inside, this piece seeks to rescue poetry and lightness of the forms in weightless gravity, defying physics with a decentralized organic structure. I chose this inspiration because i was overwhelmed by the anatomy of these animals, like a mixture of anima, plant and the power of burning, bringing inspirations meals: fire, water and earth. The challenge was to actually create an atmosphere that would bring the mystery and poetry, so I thought of a restaurant table with a dark black surface, with side walls, forming a pool that would create a water mirror, reflecting a infinite parallel world inside the table, as if the piece was gently floating in the vacuum.

This piece was awarded as the best piece in the exibition.