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    INOV-ART 2011 Internship
    Later in the summer of 2011 I was awarded by the Portuguese Government trough the Minister of Culture with a scholarship to make an internship abroad for 6 months in the company I had previously proposed to be an intern.
    The company I decided to work with was the Danish eyewear design company Ørgreen Optics, where I began to learn eyewear design, where very small details make a huge difference on the final product.
    My internship coordinator was Tobias Wandrup the industrial designer Director of Ørgreen, which have works with many projects for Fiskars and other companies, and have also given various workshops at AHO.
    During that time I had the opportunity to work in small projects, from Product development, merchandising , graphic design and other small projects.
    For my last project Tobias asked me to make a collection of 10 frames, 5 male 5 female, so I could show them what I had learn so far about the complex art of of eyewear design. This was what I came up with, enjoy.