• The exhibition, Øjesten (which in Danish means "the apple of your eye"), is based on two quotes about looking at things from different perspectives. The first one "Regarde de tous les yeux regarde" (which in French means "Look with all your eyes look") is from Jules Verne's 'Michele Strogoff' and also appears on the opening pages of 'Life: A User’s Manual' by the French writer Georges Perec. The embroidered frame to frame animations of a bird's flight on top of a very graphical and surreal road system enhances the idea of different ways to look at things. The second quote is "On voit mais il faut apprendre a regarder", (Which in French means "we see but we have to learn to look"), is a quote from the French writer Daniel Pennac 'Diary of a Body'. Curiosity is what push us to look better and deeper into thing. When you peek into the key hole will you see a different world full of color.
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