• ØW Collection - 'Zero Wastage'
  • In the latest addition to the Carga range, the Carga studio continues the exploration of materials and construction techniques to create functional and unique products.
    While Cargas previous collections are known for experimenting with materials such as felt and rivets, the ØW Collection moves this experimentation to the design process itself, by concentrating on one guiding principle: no waste.
    Each bag in the ØW Collection starts as a simple rectangular strip, cut from the full width of a roll of fabric. Without any further trimming, this rectangle is cleverly folded and sewn to shape each of the three available models.
    Even the raw edges of the fabric  - which are usually discarded - are retained. They become the signature and distinctive feature of this collection.
  • The ØW Collection is available in these sizes:

    ØW1  sling bag - three internal compartments, one with zipper
    ØW2  compact shopper - three compartments, one with zipper
    ØW3  messenger - zippered single compartment and external leather pocket

    Without pretending that this is the ultimate solution to production waste, Cargas intention is
    to contribute to the dialog between the design community and the general public on the
    evolving sustainability agenda.