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                                The Story
                                                            This is the story of John Ball. He is a regular guy who has found tremendous                                                             success with the Online Business System Program. He is not a spokes                                                                  person, stake holder or receiving any compensation for letting us sharing his                                                             story. He is just a person happy to share his success story so others can find                                                             similar successes.

                                                            As a young man, John did all the right things to build a stable and secure life                                                             for himself. He went to University and studied engineering for six years. He
                                                            secured a solid position at a engineering firm after completing his education.
                                                            After 12 years at the company, John was layed off. He struggled to keep his                                                             family finances afloat. John searched for jobs but had little luck. Then John                                                                  took a chance with the Online Business System. He saw that is a 14 Day                                                                  Trial for only $9,95.

                                                            John received his kit and decided to pursued things more seriously, burying
                                                            himself into his new business. Within 17 months, John was consistently                                                                  earn more each month than he had working all time as and engineer.

                                                            He went from $0 to $7000/month in 17 months. John continues to grow his                                                             business and now its $10 000/month without using his 18 years of formal

                                                            Now its your turn. T ry the exact same kit that John used to achieve his                                                                       extraordinary results.

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