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  • Nykredit "The Crystal"
    Making a book and taking pictures to the book.
  • Nykredit is one of Denmark's leading financial groups with banks and mortgage as the two fundamental elements. Additionally, Nykredit works with insurance, pension and real estate.

    Nykredit build a new headquarter, the new building is built to impress. 
    The spectacular design of the building is made Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects with Kim Holst Jensen
    The job was to make a book to promote the building. My job was to make pictures of the building together with Brian Buchart (photographer) and design the book.
    Made at 2+1
    Art direction / graphic designer: Maibritt Lind Hansen
    Photo: Brian Buchart
  •  Making the pictures to Nykredit
  • Graphic to the cover of the book
  • The book