• Nuit Blanche
    Nuit Blanche is an annual nighttime festival about art and culture in Amsterdam.
    Every year an unique program is created with collaborators who take the road less traveled, as well as with artists who get the opportunity to use the city as a test lab for their creative thoughts. Nuit Blanche’s aim is to unite all these people and put a spotlight on those who deserve it.
    Nuit Blanche has a slightly schizophrenic character, therefore we created a campaign that evolves movement, different atmospheres and mystery.
    We gave a rebirth to the logo bringing to light, and transport him along the different locations where we shoot our teaser films.

    Those generated visual elements to launch a new website and overall look.

    Role: Interactive Art Direction
    in collaboration with Camille, Ignasi and Jesus.

    Credits: Nuit Blanche | W+K Amsterdam