• Nuevas propuestas cerámicas
    New ceramic proposals
  • Revival was created during the summer of 2007 when a group of spanish designer decided to give life to many ceramic objects stored in an old ceramic factory of Valencia, wich was closed waiting to be demolished.

    The large number of stored and abandoned ceramic pieces inside the factory, motivated the designers to create and make current ceramic products, modifying, changing or combining the original and traditional pieces. The most important tool they used was Design.

    The main target was to provide a new opportunity to all that ceramic pieces that were going to be destroyed, and after this, showing the project result in an exhibition situated in the old factory, while the International Furniture Fair of Valencia was being celebrated in October 2007.
  •                                    Botijo
  •                                         Tebra
  •                                    Candilled
  •                                   CC2
  •                                    Asas
  •                                    B.I.P. (break in peace)
  •                                     Ball
  •                                   Plateboard
  •                                         Nucleus
  •                                    Supergarçon
  •                                   Percha
  •                                    Pot-pourri lamp
  •                                    Casablanca
  •                                   Pagoda
  •                Rompestress
  •                Volverán
  •                 Puf
  •                   Campai
  •                   Cafeegg
  •                Pote


                   Revival, 2007.