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  • "Nuclear Forum"
    There are nuclear parts in hybrid cars
    Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Brussels
    Art Direcor: Vanessa Hendrickx
    Art Buying: Gaelle Haesaert
    Client: Forum Nucléaire Belgique
    The idea is simple: there are nuclear based parts in all hybrid car, find which. 
    The layout: a car in spare parts.
    The difficulty: 10 days to produce and deliver the picture
    Our first idea: completly disassemble an hybrid car in a empty wharehouse, and shoot it from a crane. We didn't realize the huge job it is... mechanics laugh. In 3-4 days, not possible.
    Well, we need another solution. So we go with a mix of 3D and parts shooting.
    We are (were!) not car specialist... so first, we need some docs.
  • Let's start to think of a composition
  • First compt
  • The guy !
  • A bit dangerous...
  • Result
  • Some crops:

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