Now you´re running to stay on the same place

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  • Now you´re running to stay on the same place
  • The Mountain called "Now you´re running to stay on the same place", is an installation which I have created at an international symposium of contemporary art at the Klenova gallery. It was inspired by the Klatovy Klatex factory, which was highly prosperous company under the socialist regime, now operating at 15%. Inspired by the concept of factory and mass-production of the textile industry, focusing on recycling out old clothes and other material processing. Currently the factory is only operating on about one quarter of its capacity, and all the employees seemed very depressed and passive about the job. This was also an important factor for me regarding this installation, as well as the conflict of current reality with the fragments of the past, forexample old sign highlighting the speed and cleanliness of socialistic labor.
    Just like mass of machines size of the hall exceed the space and absorbed the factory building itself, the mountain in gallery absorbs wooden beams of gallery, a fragment of yesteryear.