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  • Package Design Four, Spring 2011
  • Currently in Target much attention is given to products catering to one life stage in particular, the college student. Each year a line of affordable dorm gear and college focused products provides a one stop shop for everything that is needed for this demographic. 
    Now Next is Aero’s own life stage brand. It provides products specifically selected for the stages of its
    target audience. This not only provides a convenient shopping experience for the customers in each
    category, it also serves as an easy gifting destination.
    New Baby, Bachelor, and New Home were the sections that we focused on. They each have their own distinct feeling that reflects the stage they are intended for. 
    Bachelor uses wood grain and rich colors to attract the successful gentleman who is looking to create a masculine, sophisticated home. 
    New Home is the perfect wedding registry destination. It features modern accessories for a modern home. 
    New Baby has everything that a sophisticated, preppy baby needs when entering the world. An owl character named Winston acts as the steward of the brand.