Noush Skaugen - Dr System | Limited Edition

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    The year is 2009, Noush Skaugen just had crossed the 500K followers line and was on to her 2nd EP to go with a club tour around London, UK.

    Dr System was the working title for the new album, so Noush and I collaborated on some ideas for the backstory. Well, we found some. :)

    To cut it short, it spanned a social commentary on the networked world we live in today and the quasi zombiefication it causes. Take this and extrapolate it to a dystopian vision of the future and you got a pretty good idea.

    For details you'd have to wait for her next release or try to get one of these on eBay :)

    Here's some of the artwork and photography that I brought to the game.
  • Dr System Limited Edition Cover Artwork
  • Dr System EP Key Art Details
  • Limited Edition Poster
  • Limited Edition One Sheet Poster
  • Detail Zoom
  • Detail Zoom
  • Source Images
  • Wardobe Concept
  • First Draft of the wardrobe concept. Combining summer sexy with a cool tough look. The bare midriff was the first to go. Too CSI Miami. Also it was too cold on shooting day for single layer clothing.
  • iTunes LP
  • iTunes LP - Main Menu Screen
  • Digipak Edition
  • Digipak Version (mockup)
  • Cardboard Fold Sleeve
  • Free Cardboard Edition to go with the Show Tickets
  • Twitter Background
  • Promo Backdrop for Noush Skaugen's Twitter Account