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Re brand of the Nottingham Cheese Shop
Nottingham Cheese Shop Rebrand.
Nottingham based design agency Equator set the task of re branding the well known Nottingham Cheese Shop. The owners of the company wanted to keep the heritage of the cheese shop but incorporate homely and modern into their brand alongside a new logo.  
I felt the cheese shop was lacking the ‘cheese’ about it as it was now a cafe and selling more franchise products than cheese itself - something I found rather disappointing. I wanted to bring the cheese back and make it interesting. I also found out that when trying to select a cheese from the array of different kinds they stock, it was almost impossible to choose and this I wanted to address through the brand as well.
I felt that this project would be a really good opportunity to experiment with type and print methods. Letter press and wood cut both are great visual ways to show quality and heritage. The tone of voice was friendly but also informative and interesting. The logo (current logo shown below) was given an update to coheir with the rest of the brand.
Logo design.
"We currently stock over 50 variations throughout the year and most are hand made by small producers in thier own farms. Why not come see us and find a new taste yourself."
Using typography to tell the stories about the cheese shop and the products inside. The style matches the target audience and gives the shop a very heratige and quality feel. Just like the products they sell.
"We currently stock Appleby's HS Bournes cheshire cheese. The only farmhouse in Cheshire that is still in operation"
These typographical pieces could be vynled across the walls, or applied to wooden boards placed around the shop.
"Cheddar is Britain's favourite cheese. Typically cheddar should be matured for 12 months before eating."
Each one has a different fact related to the Cheese shop in Nottingham.
"Stilton cheese is a 'protected name' and by law can only be made in the 3 counties of: Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire"
Application of the type
Typography can be applied across white boards inside the shop
The bags for inside the shop