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An app designed for Malta's biggest Arts & Culture event called Notte Bianca.

An App designed for the most attended event in Malta called Notte Bianca.
Notte Bianca is a yearly Arts & Culture event in Malta that attracts over 60,000 people. The event takes over the whole of Valletta(the capital city) for one night and fills every square and every little street with Art, Dance, Drama and Cultural activities. Inspired by the Maltese Notte Bianca 2013 logo(designed by Ed Dingli), Michael Azzopardi & I pitched an app idea to the Malta Council for Culture and the Arts and they liekd it and made it the Official app for the night. 
This years' logo was created with light-writing and we created an app so that the people visiting the event can get involved and take part creating their own art. The Council wanted us to add a programme of events and some other info alongside the light-writing utility which we called 'Bozza' (the Maltese word for 'Lightbulb').
The app is simple; once the user taps on 'Bozza', the user is presented with a set of colour presets to choose from. Each preset represented every letter in the Notte Bianca logo. We wanted the public to be creative and recreate the logo with the help of various photographers and Notte Bianca staff present in the streets throughout the night. The app was backed up with a robust CMS to handle all the event information and requests throughout the night.
We had 3 weeks to design, build and test the app. The app reached number 1 for two days on the Android & Apple App Stores and was downloaded more than 2,500 times in one day.
This is the main landing page.
All the categories are listed here and 'Bozza' is always visible and subtley animated at the bottom of the screen. When a colour-coded category is tapped, a list of events shows up, tapping further shows event information,
a Location icon(loading a pop-up map) and an Add to Favourites button.
These(below) are the coaching screens we designed to explain how the app works to the public, most of which have never installed an app on their smart phone. Alongside these, users can read more about what light-writing is and how it can be re-created at home with SLRs and basic Point-and-Shoot cameras.
Tapping 'Bozza' will take you to this section of the app. Usually light-writing is created using a light source such as a torch and an SLR camera. We designed the app so screens using these presets act as the light source.
All these presets were animated to create various effects. 
You can download the app from here and here.