Not Your Average Joe Packaging

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    Not Your Average Joe
    Packaging - Southern Cross Packaging Awards Submission
    The Brief
    Identify an issue within a current packaging system. Design a solution.
    The Project
    Branding and packaging system for the humble takeaway coffee cup. The design features a new system for coffee identification, whilst creating a good looking Joe.
    As time becomes a valuable commodity, consumers are seeking swift and efficient services. The identification system effectively and attractively assists baristas in prompt service through easy identification and tearable perforated tabs. This is valuable in peak times with numerous coffees on one order.
    The development of this packaging system may seem trivial to some. Honestly how much of a time difference is there 
    between tearing a tab and writing on a cup? Through considerable coffee production experience and research, this system would undeniably put a caffeine driven smile on the face of a consumer quicker than your average barista.