Not In Any Order: Writings on Singapore Art 2006-2010

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    Not In Any Order is a book that takes a critical look into the Singapore contemporary art scene from 2006 to 2010, and provides topical essays and 80 informed, lively and insightful reviews written by LIM KOK BOON, an educator, artist and art critic. Reviews of exhibitions include established Singapore artists such as Chua Chye Teck, Chun Kai Feng, Donna Ong, Genevieve Chua, Heman Chong, Jeremy Hiah, John Clang, Michael Lee, Tang Ling Nah, and Zhao Renhui.

    This book is a work of art itself. To complement the rigorous research and rawness of the reviews, the cover was deliberately made to give a worn look like a collector’s archival book over a period of time. The use of bulky wood free text paper with ruffled edges helped to complete this look. This is an art history book that’ll look better as time progresses. The creases and folds that we so often avoid are honoured, and the user becomes part of the book. It’s a bit like art really. Art needs the audience to make it: to make sense, to make whole. So, a single grid design and serif set typeface were chosen for a classic feel that I think will still be relevant in decades.