• Northwest is a parent company, it has three subsidiaries: Northwest Music, Northwest Theatre and Northwest Film. They are all focused on the four major stages of the creative process: Development, Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production.

    Branding Northwest was a complex project, spanning over several weeks. Numerous ideas were presented until Northwest felt the identity captured everything the company represented. The initial concept of the brandmark, was in a way to represent the company’s name directly, while also working to present the companies values, ideology and ethos. Inspiration came in the form of the cardinal direction (North, South, East and West) as well as the four stages of the creative process.

    The brandmark was designed with these in mind, and therefore the shape of the brandmark represents the 'North' and 'West' combined. The pattern in the brandmark represents the dense, detailed thought-process gone into each part of the creative process. The overlapping of colours between each subsidiary was used to show how all three subsidaries work together and in unison with one another. 
    The outcome is an identity which captures everything Northwest represents.
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