Northern Alliance Group

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  • Northern Alliance Group corporate identity
    Northern Alliance is a group of companies in St-Petersburg, Russia, united through production of all kinds of shop equipment, materials and providing full service to complete trade business needs.
    There are following directions:
    - production of shop equipment
    - production of 3D panels
    - lighting equipment
    - design and architecture
    The company also provedes handmade production.
    As NA is a serios company producing expencive products, they needed a simple but elegant look.
    Thereby the version has limited colors and uses stamping on gray cardboard.
    The corporate identity includes:
    - bisiness cards
    - folder
    - CD pack
    - CD
  • business cards:
  • business card for:
    Chairman of the board of directors
    front and back side
  • business card for:
  • folder:
  • folder cover: spread; closed; inside spread
  • folder cover
  • CD pack:
  • CD pack spread; CD; CD pack back side; CD pack front side