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Brand & E-commerce site for Normann Copenhagen
Normann Copenhagen
Brand & E-commerce site

All in-store idea & concept by Normann Copenhagen

Photos by Jeppe Sørensen

"How to shop at Normann Copenhagen" video by Normann Copenhagen
Landing page june 2012 / Our products
Landing page june 2012
Onkel family
Onkel family page
Product overview
Bunny Chair
Bunny Chair
The Designers
Designer / Jonas Wagell
Designer / Jonas Wagell
Galleria / Pink power
About Normann Copenhagen
Basket & Check out
Terms & conditions
Online vs. offline launch event at Normann Copenhagen flagshipstore
Store front
Normann Copenhagen Flagship store
The designers
"How to shop at" house
Inside "How to shop at" house
Gallery & buzz sections
Buzz section
Online shopping at the flagship store
Online vs. offline launch event
Online vs. offline launch event
How to shop at